Health and Beauty Benefits of Turmeric

There are many who enjoy turmeric, not only because it adds a bit of extra flavor to foods that go along well with it, but thanks to its many healthy properties. For starters, it has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This gold-colored powder has been used by Ayurvedic treatments for many years, centuries even. Hence, it has entered into as part of the mainstream choice in bringing healthier, natural options as it can even assist in treating certain kinds of ailments.

Health and Beauty Benefits of Turmeric

Reasons Why You Should Stock up on Turmeric

To start, turmeric will give your skin a glow. It assists in rejuvenating the immune system and it can also reduce skin inflammation. According to Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, MD, a dermatologist in New York City, she stated the following regarding the spice: “The skin is our biggest organ. It’s our barrier to the outside world, and a lot of skin conditions we see are issues due to our immune systems. Most recently, studies have shown that when [turmeric] is added to moisturizer, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles.” This spice also contains the mineral called manganese, in which it assists in the production of collagen. When you create a mixture of honey and turmeric to form a face mask, you can then slather it on your skin to give it a shinier complexion.

Turmeric can also combat colds. Curcumin, which is a substance found in this particular spice, is a strong antioxidant. With it, it assists in fighting off free radical formation. What are free radicals? These are basically what destroys the healthy cells found inside the body, which makes you more prone to diseases. Therefore, the next time you feel a cold coming up as your nose starts to drip or you’ve been sneezing a bit, then you can seek the aid of curcumin found in turmeric.

Also, one of the more popular benefits for turmeric is that it assists in weight loss. It is a spice that will be able to help improve insulin resistance, as well as increase metabolism, according to Caroline Apovian, MD, professor of medicine and pediatrics over at Boston University School of Medicine. In a study that was published within the Journal of Nutrition, researchers have found out that the mice that were fed with a high-fat diet but did contain curcumin supplements for a period of 12 weeks did not gain much weight as compared to the other group of rodents that were only fed fatty foods.