What are Some Habits That are Damaging Your Kidneys

It is safe to say that we all know that our kidneys are an essential part of our bodies. These are two-bean shaped organs that are located against the back muscles within the upper abdominal cavity. These are found just below the rib cage, and there is one on each side of the spine. The main function of these organs is to detoxify the blood, as well as aid the body in filtering out waste products which will then be expelled through urine. Another function of these organs is to remove excess water from the body. In other words, they help in keeping water retention at bay. Also, they also help retain more water for the body should your body need more. However, there are times when we are doing some things that are actually damaging our kidneys. What are these habits, you may ask? Read on to know what they are.

What are Some Habits That are Damaging Your Kidneys

Bad Habits That are Damaging Your Kidneys

To start, we might be too busy with our lives that we find it to forget to empty our bladder on our timely manner, and it is with this first item in our short list that is one of the primary habits that damage our kidneys. When you always maintain a full bladder for a long time, and you always delay the urge to go to the bathroom and pee, then know that it will cause the bacteria within you to breed in the urine and multiply. Hence, this can then lead to urinary tract infections, or even kidney infection. Furthermore, this can also put a lot of pressure in the organs which can then lead to renal incontinence and failure.

Another bad habit that you might be doing that is actually damaging your kidneys is not drinking enough water. When you don’t consume enough clean, drinking water, then these organs won’t be able to flush out metabolic waste properly. When the body has a sufficient amount of water, then know that there will be more blood flow towards the kidneys. If your body doesn’t have enough water, then the organs won’t properly eliminate toxins from the body, which could then lead to more health problems.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of salty foods, then it is in your best interest to change your eating habits because a diet consisting of high salt content can and will damage your kidneys. When salt intake is quite high, then your kidneys would have to work overtime in excreting the excess salt. Hence, this can then lead to a decreased functioning of the kidney, which could then cause water retention in the body.