4 Tricks To Eliminate Hair Odor

Find the best tricks to eliminate hair odor quickly. These tips and natural home remedies like lemon will help you remove bad odor on scalp permanently.

eliminate hair odor

Although people think that the smell of hair is a problem of hygiene, but it is not. A person with bad odor is not because he does not bathe every day or every other day, but because he/she is more vulnerable to excess sebum production on the scalp and the bacteria that feeds on this sebum. The waste that these bacteria produce leads to bad odor from the scalp. Also they say that this is caused by a lack of protein and vitamins and even the smell of hair can be altered by hormones (so, for example, menstruating or pregnant woman would have more scent in your hair). Hence follow these treatments to eliminate hair odor permanently.

Our hair, as well as being strong and healthy must also smell good. Although sweat and how you wash it, directly affect their appearance, but there are some alternatives that may be of great help for solving this problem.

The worst thing is that to mask the smell, some people choose to wear hats or scarves tied on head and this only worsens the situation because the skin of the scalp sweats and this favors the reproduction of bacteria, so it is best to you avoid all this. Covering up the smell of the hair is not easy, but it is not impossible for that then we leave you some tips that will help a lot and that once and for all can put an end to this problem.

Special shampoo to eliminate hair odor

Most people think that hair odor is caused by poor hygiene, but it is not. We now know that the main cause for the smelly hair is the nasty sebum production that creates a moist environment on your scalp which makes a perfect environment for microorganisms and bacteria. These cannot be removed with a normal shampoo, so even if the person washes hair more than once a day will continue with the same problem.

That’s why we need an anti-bacterial soap. It contains the necessary chemicals to kill bacteria and remove them from your scalp. You can only wash your hair with it for a week and then have to allow your skin to rest, otherwise you will cause irritation and you will continue adding more health problems. You can either go to a medical shop for an anti-bacteria shampoo, but my advice is to purchase this special shampoo by consulting a dermatologist. This specialist will give you the best tips to address this problem and get a quick and effective solution.

Temporary solutions

Various flavors and fragrances can give a good smell to your hair. This is a temporary, but a quick fix to neutralize the bad odor coming from your scalp. Remember that this solution should only be used in emergencies and not everyday because many sprays come with alcohol which can damage hair strands. Most women have tried keratin-based products, they also have nice smells. You can find these products in beauty salons.

Hair checkup

If trying a antibacterial shampoo and home remedies doesn’t work, if there is no improvement and your hair are still with bad odor then better consult a hair specialist. After performing a check up on your hair the doctor will tell you the cause and give names of some good products that will help you eliminate hair odor quickly. It is best that you treat smelly hair because this condition often leads to embarrassment and lower confidence.

Home remedies to remove hair odor

Here are few ways to naturally remove bad odor from hair by eliminating the excess sebum and clearing the bacteria’s from hair. Apart from this, there are some natural treatments that add a very pleasant smell to our hair.

  1. Water of roses:
  2. This liquid is inexpensive and readily available. Best of all is that your hair will always have a pleasant smell. Apply on the scalp after showering. This can reduce the bad odor coming from your scalp.

  3. Lemon juice:
  4. Citrus fruits offer great benefits. Squeeze one or two lemons and put the juice in a glass of water and spray it over the roots and tips. Do it before your bath and stir thoroughly. Avoid sunlight as it could damage the hair color. Now wash your hair. The importance of this natural treatment is that lemon clears all the oils, sweat, dandruff and all other impurities from the scalp. Also lemon has a very nice smell which will be left on your hair. However you must not use this remedy everyday, use it once a week.

  5. Vinegar:
  6. The best part of vinegar remedy is that it is great cleanser which will wash away all the grease and at the same time it also manages the pH of the scalp. It also has the benefits of killing the bacteria on the hair and at the end of wash your hair will be clean and odor free.

    To prepare this natural tonic you will need to equally add water and vinegar to a cup or bowl. To this you can add a few drops of jasmine oil as it has a great smell. Now take this solution, apply over your hair, massage it for a few minutes and then wash it. It t will make your hair soft and silky plus eliminate bad hair odor. Note that this remedy should also be used once in a week time.

  7. Baking soda:
  8. This is among the most popular home remedy for treating smelly hair as it has the ability to catch and wash the fatty grease on the scalp. Take four spoons of baking soda and to it add 4 spoons of water. Not put this solution evenly on the scalp and with fingers keep massaging for 2 minutes. Now take warm water and thoroughly wash your hair. This will remove the unwanted dirt, oils and dandruff over the scalp.

  9. Aloe vera:
  10. When it comes to eliminating the odor causing bacteria on the hair then this gel offers the best benefits. This gel is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which means this remedy can eliminate fungal infections as well as the bacteria. Using this gel as a shampoo will help you eliminate all the scalp impurities like oils and sweat. This remedy also has moisture which makes hair soft and silky. Use this gel every alternate day, just be sure that you aren’t allergic to this plant.