Curing Meditation Blocker Problems

People may find it hard to do meditation especially when there are so many disturbances in the surroundings. Even though it may look simple, it does not come easy for everyone, especially if you’re pretty new to it.

Curing Meditation Blocker Problems

Common Meditation Blockers and Ways to Treat It

You may think you are ready for a meditation, but as you are about to begin, you still can’t meditate; perhaps these tips can help you in meditating.

With your eyes closed, legs crossed, and relaxed body you may think you’re ready for meditating, but the only problem is you can’t stop thinking about a lot of things; how to get your work done, what you’ll have for dinner, or a fight that occurred between your love ones. You may want to get rid of those in your mind but sometimes it is impossible to do so. If you have a problem of staying focused, try meditating by not emptying your mind but instead, to be fully aware of your surroundings and your thought in the present moment. You don’t need to perfectly accomplish this practice.

Many people feel restless when they try to meditate but it does not mean that just because you’re struggling to sit still, meditating is not for you. The only way one can be more at ease and at peace with life is to learn how to deal with that restlessness differently, and to learn how to settle it down. Try out different types of meditations until you find a suitable style of meditating.

People may think that when someone is meditating, he should sit cross-legged on the floor. That might be the ideal position form some but people should just get into their most comfortable and relaxed position, it may be just simply sitting on the chair or lying on the bed, the only important thing there is that you could breathe and relax. Take a few deep breaths and tryto be as calm as possible to relax the muscles.

Many people say that meditation is not really for them. The fear of failure makes a person doubt himself but vulnerability sometimes is the key for one to trust himself more. If you’re prone to drowsiness, but are determined to stay awake for a full session, pick a time of day when you tend to be less tired, or do a little stretch before you begin your practice. But it is also not a bad thing when you drift off to sleep while meditating as it will help you greatly in turning the volume down on your mind and making you sleep peacefully.