How to Clean Your Ears Safely

Before anything else, do not attempt to try and clean your ears on your own if you have a tube or a hold in your eardrum. Furthermore, if any pain will persist right after the cleaning, then consult your doctor. With that being said, do note that our ears produce earwax on a constant basis. The wax is there to prevent harmful elements (and sometimes even insects) from entering your ears. However, the wax can accumulate excessively, which will then result to a blocked ear canal. Because of the overgrowth of ear wax, some hearing impairment can be experienced. To clean the ears as safe as possible, read on.

How to Clean Your Ears Safely

Clean Your Ears Safely With These Techniques

Instead of using ordinary Q-tips to clean your ears, you can make use of saline water. Saline water is used in ear syringing, which is a common method that is used to clean the ears, even at home. It can even be used effectively without the help of a syringe. It will help in softening up the accumulated ear wax, which would result to them being easier to get rid of. Start by mixing a teaspoon of salt in half-a-cup of warm water. Then, stir until the salt is completely dissolved and unseen. Next, soak up a cotton ball within the solution. Tilt your ear towards the ceiling, and squeeze in a few drops into the ear. Hold this position for 5-minutes prior to doing the same thing for the other ear. Just clean the outer part of ear with a clean cloth to do away with the softened wax. It should be noted, however, that you should only use saline solution when it is at body temperature to prevent dizziness.

Aside from saline solution, boiled warm water is also a great way to clean your ears safely. Just boil a bit of water and let it cool down to room temperature. Fill a dropper with the water, and tilt your ear up to the ceiling. Put a few drops of the warm water directly inside the ear. Allow the water to sit there for approximately 2- to 3-minutes before doing the same thing for the other air. Use cotton balls to clean out the dislodged earwax, along with other particles (and things) that might need removing inside your ear.

Moving forward, you can also take advantage of vinegar and rubbing alcohol in equal amounts to clean your ears. Mix both liquids together and then soak a cotton ball into the solution. Squeeze in a few drops of the mixture into the ear while keeping your ear tilted towards the ceiling. Stay in this position for 3- to 5-minutes before doing the same for the other ear. Use another clean cotton ball to remove any excess gunk from the outer ear.