Choose The Right Shampoo For Your Hair Type

Learn to choose the right shampoo for your hair type and prevent damage to it. Selecting a shampoo based on hair condition helps in keeping them beautiful.


right shampoo for your hair type

If you’re tired of trying shampoos and none leaves your hair the way you like, perhaps the reason is your wrong choice. Not all shampoos are same for each hair types, some hair are thin and smooth, some are dry, some thick and curled, then there are also oily and dandruff ones etc. So finding the shampoo go well for us is an ordeal. In the market there are a variety of alternative shampoos that promise multiple benefits to the hair. However, its effects are not the same for everyone. So learn to choose the right shampoo for your hair type.

Although the options are almost endless and the task is difficult, but using the right shampoo can make the difference in keeping your hair healthy, strong and silky. Therefore, we help you find the best product for your hair type, without getting caught up in attractive messages that appeal as the most important are the ingredients and composition of the shampoo.

The main objective of a shampoo is to cleanse the hair and scalp. The type of shampoo to be used and what ingredients must always depend on the type of hair you have, for example dry, thin, thick, oily, stained and so on. Hence we show you the right shampoo for your hair type.

  1. Shampoo for dry and damaged hair. If your hair is dry and frizzy you should look for shampoos that cleans your hair and in addition nourishes and regenerates it. In the market there are plenty of shampoos for dry, damaged hair. This kind of hair usually has split ends and looks rough. Therefore, it is best to look for a product with extra hydration like those with softening ingredients like oils. If you want to reduce frizz in your hair and make it stronger and healthier, better opt for a shampoo without salt. For dry hair shampoo without salt it is recommended because these salts further dries the scalp. A good option for people with this hair type is to use baby shampoo. It is preferable to opt for creamy products containing natural oils such as jojoba, linseed or vitamin E as an antioxidant that protects the hair and keeps it soft.
  2. Shampoo for oily hair. For those with oily hair it is appropriate to use a daily shampoo and not leave it for more than five minutes while the scalp is massaged. It is much more effective if conditioning is avoided, but if necessary it is best to apply from the middle to the ends. The hair type requires a shampoo which has a combination of detergents that function in removing the impurities, dirt and hair fat. These shampoos contain more detergents for cleansing the scalp impurities. It is best that you use a shampoo with aloe extracts so that you are able to rinse the excess sebum and get oil free hair with much less damage.
  3. Shampoo for hair whitening. This type of hair is thinner and sensitive apart the light gives it a yellowish hue. Therefore, proper shampoo is the one with pigments that help in keeping hair dark and putting a stop to premature greying. To prevent gray hair you can use shampoo rich in Omega3. For such hair it is best to refrain from high chemical shampoos as they can further whiten your hair.
  4. Shampoo for sensitive scalp. One in two people say they have sensitive scalp. Sufferers experience a feeling of itching and burning in the head. The right product for this must contain a delicate combination of ingredients such as panthenol (provitamin B5), bisabolol and aloe vera. Also you can use baby shampoos because they are made for the sensitive scalp of children. In this way you will wash your hair without any irritation and damage.
  5. Shampoo to prevent hair loss. Take care if you see strands after strands of hair on the brush. We must not be fooled by any advertisements that claim to reduce hair loss. Before trying any shampoo, first research for the ingredients, read the reviews and then only buy. Hair fall reducing shampoos are often composed of proteins and protein surfactants which generate a restorative hair cover that manages to improve the appearance and generates healthy conditions for hair to grow stronger.
  6. If you dye your hair then you should ideally use a shampoo specifically for this and also do not containing salt. Thus, the dye color will last much longer. The shampoo without salt is known to be free from sodium sulfate and sodium chloride.
  7. If you get hair straightening treatment with keratin or keratin-based massage, using of the shampoo without salt is required (if your hair is not too fatty) because washing with any other shampoo will make damage the look of your straight hair. It is best to ask the beautician to recommend you the right shampoo.

How to properly wash hair with shampoo

Although it seems that washing hair is a normal way to do anyway, you’re wrong! Everything has its good technique.

  1. First you have to wet the hair with warm water, because hot water can attack the hair follicle. Then a few drops of shampoo stretch out (not much amount that can dry our hair) all over the hair evenly and by a gentle massage with the palms, making rhythmic and rotary movements departing from the forehead till the end at the crown. he massage is required because it activates and stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the scalp. There be carried out during delicacy and should make about 2 or 3 minutes.
  2. Now proceeding with the rinsing, take warm water and remove the shampoo within 2 minutes of application and then at last use cold water. Using cold water closes the hair cuticles.
  3. Then, if your hair is thin and dry, you can apply a conditioner or mask which usually take means to ends, especially to moisturize and nourish the driest part of our hair. Also volumizing hair masks can be applied to those facing excess hair loss.
  4. Finally, after washing, rinsing and conditioning you must dry your hair either let it dry in open air or with the help of a dryer. Do not forget to use a thermal protector spray on your hair while using a dryer.

The shampoo has the function to remove impurities from the hair. However, the components and the effects vary. Identify your hair type, know what substances can damage it and choose the right shampoo for your hair type. Read the reviews of the shampoo online and purchase the best one. Buy a small packet for testing and if you later feel that you have selected the right shampoo for your hair type then later you can order a big one.