Why You Should Break Your Soda Addiction

After a good, long workout session, the first thing that’s probably on your mind right now is “A good bottle of soda would really be good right about now.” So what do you do? You head to your kitchen (or perhaps the nearest store if you’re at the gym) and grab a cold, refreshing bottle. But before anything else, stop right there. That bottle of fizzy drink might be doing more harm for your healthy lifestyle than good. As a matter of fact, you might not notice it but you might already be addicted to the thing. Well, it is quite refreshing, not to mention that it can be downright tasty. Nevertheless, if you want to be more serious about staying healthy, then do know about the prime reasons why you should kick the habit.

Why You Should Break Your Soda Addiction

Reasons to Stop Your Soda Addiction

First of all, did you know that drinking soda regularly will harm your teeth? Well, now you do. Many fizzy drinks out in the market contain citric acid and sugar, and these are not good for your pearly whites. High intake of these drinks can put harm on the protective enamel covering on your teeth. Furthermore, these beverages can be harmful to dentin and composite feelings. The result? Cavities. When you combine such an addiction with poor oral hygiene, then the ultimate results can be disastrous. Furthermore, constant drinking of these drinks can lead to tooth decay, and not to mention bad breath.

Maintaining your soda addiction also gives you an increased risk of obesity. Even though the can or bottle says “Diet” in it, it doesn’t automatically mean that it will already be a healthier choice for you. Regular, or even diet fizzy beverages, area a big N-O for everyone who wishes to keep their weights under healthy lines. As mentioned earlier, these drinks contain high amounts of sugar, even though it does say “Diet” on the label.

Lastly, did you know that drinking soda regularly can reduce bone strength? Excess intake of these carbonate beverages can lead to the weakening of your bones, and this phenomenon is especially true for females as they are more prone to weaker bones that comes with age. In an article that was published back in 2006 within the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it reports that women who do intake regular and diet cola are more likely to have weaker bones within the hip area than those who do not drink such beverages.