8 Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair

Find the best benefits of coconut oil for hair to make them healthy. This natural oil reduces dandruff, frizz, hair loss as well many other scalp problems.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair

Coconut oil has become a favorite of many women in recent years and that it is an oil that has a good value, it is easy to find and also has a great effect on our hair. We should always make use of virgin oil and 100% natural, avoiding any chemical. In India this oil was used from hundreds of years in beauty for solving hair as well as skin problems. Learn the different benefits of coconut oil for hair and how it can help in curing hair problems and making them healthy.

Hair conditioning with coconut oil

If your hair tends to dry, coconut oil is one of the best natural solutions. One of the main benefits of coconut oil to hair is that it helps to hydrate our hair. Its natural fatty compounds accelerates its penetration in the capillary tissues, thus if you have dry scalp or suffer from dermatitis or other problems related to hair, coconut oil will help to make them disappear. It is one of the best conditioner we can use to moisturize our hair. You have to massage the oil on the tips and let stand for half an hour, covering the hair with a shower cap or towel, so as to maintain the heat. After washing, if you think the result is very oily then wash your hair again until you can remove the oils.

Fight dandruff

Another use that this oil has is to serve as a home remedy to eliminate dandruff, a problem that many people have in common. It has a fungicidal agent that helps kill the fungus that causes dandruff. So it can be used on the scalp, left for an hour to do a better effect and eliminate the problem of dandruff. You simply have to a massage a little coconut oil on the scalp, leave for a few minutes and then wash your hair as you always do. The fatty acids in the oils possess anti-dandruff properties which help to make hair dandruff-free permanently.

Coconut oil for strong hair

Apart from moisturizing and cleansing, one of the best benefits of coconut oil for hair is to fix damaged hair. The presence of lauric acid and other hair friendly nutrients prevents loss of proteins to make the hair more resistant. Women with split ends and excess hair fall problem should use coconut oil few times a week. This will slowly and gradually strengthen the hair from roots and thus make them strong. Using this natural oil makes hair smooth, shiny and strong. You just have to take this oil in your palms and evenly apply over the hair till the roots. Wait for an hour and then wash. This allows the nutrients in coconut oil to be get properly in touch with the hair and quickly fix all the problems.

Prevents premature hair greying

It is known that all natural treatments are much better than the drugs because of the absence of side effects, but of course, depending on the root and magnitude of the problem we may need to finish using the drug without remedy, but if we can solve it using a remedy natural, the better, don’t you think? The dark color of hair is because of the melanin pigment as the lack of it makes hair white. Coconut oils works in preventing further loss of this melanin and thus keeps hair dark. Curry leaves has the ability to restore damaged hair pigments. Its natural leaves help restore the original color of hair. The mixture of curry leaves and coconut oil is very useful if applied 20-25 minutes before washing our hair. Use this mixture for at least 2-3 months and see how the results will surprise you.

Coconut oil is chemical free

One of the benefits of coconut oil for hair is that it is a natural product without additives or chemicals. Its formula is beneficial to our hair, unlike many shampoos which dehydrate the scalp and give a dull look after washing. With simply applying some coconut oil during washing will protect from damaging our hair fibers caused by
external agents. So, if you plan to go all organic then this oil can be a great choice.

Recovery from receding hairline

As you know that coconut oil fixes the hair proteins and makes the hair roots stronger, hence it can be a perfect natural treatment for bald spots. This oil should be used in early stages of baldness and receding hairline. You just need to apply the oil with a massage at night. Leaving it for the entire night starts fixing more loss and also increases the hair growth in these regions. So men or women with receding hair line should immediately use this oil to get long and dense hair.

Removes boils on scalp

In summers many people experience some kind of boils as well as prickly heat over the scalp. These types of boils and rashes can be irritating and can cause too much discomfort. To cure this problem, you can apply coconut oil over the scalp. The soothing properties of this oil will firstly provide you with relief from the irritations and in a few days these rashes will be cured. However, note that if it is not causing any benefit then visit a doctor to check the real problem and get immediate medication.

Protection against lice

Coconut Oil itself is useful to eradicate an infection and lice in the hair. The medium chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil are toxic to the parasites in general and particularly lice, which dye in contact with it. To use coconut oil in removing lice, simply apply a small amount of extra virgin coconut oil to hair and massage it all over the scalp to the tips of the hairs. Pay special care in areas preferred by lice which are the neck and behind the ears, where the temperature is more suitable for reproduction. With this simple daily application of coconut oil we are hindering the spread of lice while we nourish and moisturize our hair.

Now when you know so many benefits of coconut oil for hair like providing moisture and reducing hair fall, hence bring extra virgin coconut oil and start using it daily or few times a week for getting strong and healthy hair.