What are Some Bad Habits That are Giving Your Wrinkles

Wrinkles are often associated with aging, and this is a natural phenomenon as the skin loses elasticity as they grow older. However, there are a lot of younger folk who do get these lines even at an earlier age. There are even some people who would shell out thousands of dollars to go under the knife just to get rid of them. These creases, ridges, or folds in the skin are the cause of sun exposure, pollution, and other harsh elements in the environment. You might even be doing some bad habits that will contribute to the appearance of these lines and creases.


What are Some Bad Habits That are Giving Your Wrinkles

Bad Habits That Give You Wrinkles

To start, you might be doing some repetitive facial expressions without your knowledge, and it is with this reason that you might be increase the signs of wrinkles on your face. While facial expressions do enhance our communication power, repeating the same facial movements over-and-over again will contribute to premature aging signs. Some examples include repetitive squinting, frowning, scrunching, and even pouting can overwork the muscles found on your face. What you can do to combat this is to be aware of your facial muscles so you don’t have to do the expressions over-and-over again. Furthermore, you can also make use of a good quality night cream prior to going to bed as this will assist your skin in repairing itself as you catch some sleep.

Another bad habit that you might be doing that is causing your skin to exhibit more wrinkles is excessive drinking. When you drink too much alcoholic beverages, it will speed up the aging process as it depletes the body of its vitamin A resources. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant as it produces collagen. Without a lot of collagen reserves, you skin will lose elasticity, and you can even lose even toning for the skin.

Last on this list of bad habits that cause wrinkles is that you might be skipping on the sunscreen whenever you go outdoors and under the direct exposure of the sun’s rays. When you get exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, do note that this is one of the most common, and also one of the main causes of premature aging on the skin. So if you want to prevent any sign of aging on your skin, which of course includes wrinkles, then you should never skip on applying sunscreen before you leave your doorstep.