How to do Away With Eye Bags

When you have eye bags or dark circles around your eyes, these are a very common problem for many but are known to be quite difficult to get rid of. Even if you tend to sleep normally with the right amount of hours for most of your life, there are times when these cannot be avoided. This is because it occurs due to a weakening of the tissue under the eye lids. One of the main causes of the puffiness and/or dark circles around the eyes is due to lack of sleep. It can also occur to working too long in front of the computer regularly. So those who like to do a ton of overtime in your job, take note.

How to do Away With Eye Bags

Getting Rid of Eye Bags

Aside from lack of sleep, there are other major causes of eye bags such as stress, excessive tearing, smoking, alcohol, and even genetics. So if you have this type of eye condition, and you’re not getting stressed out often, and you do not smoke, drink alcohol, nor stay awake for the entire night, then you can actually blame your parents for those dark circles around your eyes.

Even though these are unsightly, there are remedies to get rid of eye bags. One way is to use tea bags to treat them. In fact, using this method can help treat eye puffiness real quick. If you want to go with this route, first, you would have to boil a cup of water and put in 2 tea bags. Then bob the 2 tea bags up and down until the bags are soaked in water properly. Afterwards, remove the tea bag then allow it to cool. You can then lie down in a comfortable position then place the soaked tea bags into each eye. Do take note that you should lie down while your feet remain up for a few minutes. After resting for a bit with the tea bags on your eyes, you can see that you will have less puffy eyes (and you can even drink the tea as well).

Another method to do away with eye bags is to use cucumber. If you’ve ever been to a spa or a salon and they put cucumbers onto your eyes, they do it for this purpose. Cucumber has skin-lightening, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties. Put cucumber slices into your refrigerator until chilled, Then, place them over your closed eyes and keep them on for 10 to 15-minutes. Repeat this process 3-times a day to reduce the puffiness around your eyes.